Mirrors of Grimaldi is a four player split-screen game where your health is represented by the size of your screen. Players will be pitted against each other as Grimaldi’s Interdimensional Demonic Carnival invades the same medieval town in parallel timelines. As swarms of demonic minions attack the players, their screens will shrink and eventually crush them, knocking them out of the game. The last surviving player is declared the winner and is allowed to fight another day.

Conceptual Art

Split-screen is at the forefront of Mirrors of Grimaldi and how players interact with our dynamically changing split-screen will determine who is victorious in this competitive multiplayer experience. The Player main weapon is the ability to punch minions into enemy players screens, who will then target and attack your opponents instead of you. With thrilling and strategic gameplay, Mirrors of Grimaldi brings a fresh new face to local multiplayer that will keep hardcore and casual gamers alike asking for another rematch.

Mirrors of Grimaldi GDC Footage from 51st and Fire on Vimeo.

My Roles: I primarily focused on developing an AI framework that allowed for utility-based decision making, but I also worked on all aspects of the enemies, including movement and path-finding, attacks and the attack system, perception and targeting. Outside of that, I developed various stencil shaders, interfaced many of the systems mentioned above to work with the player, and various major and minor bug fixes outside of the AI framework.


This was our senior project while at Drexel University, which according to the Princeton review is a top ten school for game design. Every year Intel hosts a competition at GDC in San Francisco, where each of those schools sends 1 team to represent them in hopes to take hope either best in gameplay or art. A few months before GDC, Drexel held an internal competition to see who would represent the school. Because of our unique gameplay and art design, where we won the internal. While at GDC we set up a booth for people to check out the game, and it was extremely well received. Finally, the big night came and after hours of anxiety, they announced the winners! Tune in below to see what happened (a lot of awkward standing)!

For more information about the game, or to download our latest playable build, please visit us at